Pretty Ugly Part 03

Lilith and Summer are both pregnant at the same time.

05-31-15_6-14 PM

Lilith had twins, here they are grown; Elvis and Sloane.

06-01-15_7-47 PM-206-01-15_7-42 PM

Tanner and Summer’s children: Sunset…

06-01-15_8-15 PM-206-01-15_8-15 PM-4


06-01-15_8-22 PM06-01-15_8-22 PM-4

And Star.

06-01-15_9-52 PM06-01-15_9-52 PM-3

The family bought a little baking shop. (I downloaded it from the gallery).

06-14-15_10-12 PM

The girls run the baking shop while Tanner and Summer enjoy their retirement.

06-15-15_1-56 PM

Sunset is the best at cooking. She soon married Ellis Ajjanagadde.

06-15-15_1-59 PM

Both Sunset and Sunrise got pregnant at the same time.

06-15-15_5-27 PM

Sunrise married Jerry Holiday and moved with him. She later had twins (Travis and Shawn). Star is not interested in marrying and moved in with Sunrise and her family.

06-15-15_4-06 PM

Sunset and Ellis children: Elaine…

06-15-15_4-57 PM06-15-15_4-57 PM-2


06-15-15_5-52 PM06-15-15_5-52 PM-2

It would be easier to choose Elaine to continue the Ugly Challenge, but since this challenge is to dilute the ugly gene I will choose Etoile. Elaine is in love with Javier Paris.07-09-15_8-50 PM

Elaine is a painter and sells her paintings at the baking shop.

07-09-15_7-48 PM

Etoile loves to bake and she’s in love and married to Shayne Lombardi.

07-13-15_9-09 PM

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