Pretty Ugly Part 02

I had made Tiny a twin sister for fun, well she’s proving to be fun. She fell in love with Gavin Richards (Zoe patel’s former roommate) and got pregnant! Rolling on the floor laughing

05-30-15_10-32 PM-2

And then soon got married and she moved in with him.

05-30-15_10-52 PM-3

Meanwhile at the Grey’s household, the new baby girl, Lilith is growing.

05-30-15_11-03 PM-205-30-15_11-02 PM-4

Tanner inherited his father’s tiny body and big belly, so he became obsessed at working out. He is now a young adult.

05-31-15_12-37 AM

Lilith took some painting course and she’s a pro at creating beauty although she’s not a beauty herself.

05-31-15_12-38 AM

Zoe and Tiny are already elders and they are all so happy and can’t wait to be grand parents.

05-30-15_11-59 PM

I have no idea what happened. Zoe and Tiny were dancing together and all of a sudden he dropped dead! He was only 65 years old. I really liked my pretty ugly dude. Storm cloud

05-31-15_12-09 AM-4

Zoe is so heart broken she constantly cries in her bed for Tiny.

05-31-15_12-36 AM

Lilith sideways and front.

05-30-15_11-49 PM-205-30-15_11-49 PM

Lilith and Malcolm Landgraab fell in love and got married and moved in their own house.

05-31-15_5-02 PM

While Tanner fell in love with Summer Holiday and got married.

05-31-15_5-04 PM

Going to visit Tina to see how she was doing with her husband Gavin and Gavin and their roommate suddenly dropped dead!

05-31-15_5-32 PM

Neighbours and passer-by's stopped by to mourn.

05-31-15_5-35 PM

Then a few minutes later, sadly, Tina also passed away. Crying face

05-31-15_5-56 PM

Tina and Gavin’s children, Gloria and Jerrod.

05-31-15_5-53 PM-2


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