The Black Widow Challenge Part 03

The girls constantly goes to the headstones to cry. (I added a dollhouse nearby to distract them but they still go grieve).

01-31-15_8-48 PM-2

Desiree and Alice’s relationship has gotten worse. Alice finally moved out into a small flat with her husband Eric and daughter Olivia.

01-31-15_8-29 PM

Desiree has trapped Johnny Zest in a room and refuses to give him any food.

01-31-15_9-47 PM-2

While she’s pregnant with Johnny’s baby she’s starting to flirt with other men while waiting for him (Johnny) to finally expire.

01-31-15_10-17 PM

(It took over 2 days for Johnny Zest to die of hunger.)

01-31-15_11-41 PM

Jon Zest Black

01-31-15_11-58 PM

The girls are still friends with Olivia, especially Denise. (They are now Teenagers)

02-04-15_7-24 PM

Desiree met someone else and got married. She was already pregnant. (Forgot his name)

02-04-15_7-40 PM

Destinee and Denise at the wedding.

02-04-15_7-42 PM

(He was laughing hysterically on the night of their wedding because he was so happy then suddenly he disappeared and the cremated jar appeared. The Grim Reaper didn’t even show up.)

02-04-15_8-15 PM

Here lies Denis, Vivian, Johnny and (Forgot his name)

02-04-15_8-16 PM

Desiree was out at the Park trying to meet men when she met a homeless woman. (forgot her name)

02-04-15_8-39 PM

She decided to bring the woman to her home, telling her she’d let her stay if she’d clean her house.

02-04-15_8-56 PM-2

It turned out she was not only good with cleaning, she was also good at painting. Desiree told her she’d put away her paintings in a safe place but she privately sold them.

02-04-15_9-15 PM

Desiree met (forgot his name) and he was very smitten with her right away.

02-04-15_9-53 PM

The twins always sleep and nap together in the same bed.

02-04-15_9-21 PM

Awww, Jon got up to pee in the middle of the night and his father ghost came and gave him a hug.

02-04-15_9-34 PM

Desiree had a son.

02-04-15_10-03 PM-2

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