Pretty Ugly Part 01

I decided to play with the Dilute The Ugly Gene Challenge for the fun of seeing how it’s going to go gene wise. If you’re interested in doing this challenge or learn more about it, here is the link: Dilute the Ugly Gene. This was written for The Sims 3 but also works for The Sims 4.

I decided to start the ugly gene with a male Sim. Here he is, his name is Tiny Grey. I maxed out his nose length, his chin, his neck, lips, and his ears to the largest and/or longest size and made his eyes really small. Although he’s not a senior, I made him with white hair, although bald.

05-28-15_7-35 PM-405-28-15_7-35 PM-5

And I made him the skinniest I could go and made his legs and arms also the skinniest and made his feet the biggest they could be and pulled the belly to be big.

05-28-15_7-35 PM05-28-15_7-35 PM-2

And for fun I made him a twin sister. Tina Grey.

05-28-15_7-51 PM05-28-15_7-50 PM-5

Moved them in a big house!

05-28-15_8-06 PM-3

Tiny’s in the Science career and Tina is in the Cooking.

05-28-15_10-22 PM-2

She’s a top Chef.

05-28-15_10-38 PM

He met Zoe Patel and they hit it off right away.

05-28-15_8-41 PM

Awww, look how she adores him.Red heartSmile with tongue outRed heart

05-28-15_8-49 PM

They got married and soon after had a baby boy Tanner. So cute when are are a baby. Can’t wait to see him later.

05-30-15_10-03 PM

Pretty cute front way. I don’t know where he got the orange hair.

05-30-15_10-05 PM

Yikes, pretty ugly sideways. Well, not as ugly as his father. He didn’t get his father’s nose and lips, that’s for sure.

05-30-15_10-06 PM-3

Zoe got pregnant again.

05-30-15_10-09 PM


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