The Black Widow Challenge Part 02

Vivian Lewis wasn’t making Desire’s life easy. She kept insulting her and saying that she was the cause of Denis’ death and that maybe the baby wasn’t even Denis’.

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One morning Desire hid in the bathroom and waited for Vivian. Everyone had left for work and Olivia was at school.

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She started beating Vivian up with such a rage! There was no way she was going to let that old hag ruin the life she had found.

01-19-15_8-23 PM

She insulted her and humiliated her, insulted her and beat her. Vivian died being mortified!

01-19-15_8-47 PM

Denis Kim and Vivian Lewis headstones.

01-19-15_8-53 PM

Desire is learning about voodoo dolls since she has so much time on her hands.

01-27-15_7-06 PM

In her third trimester. She can’t wait to have the baby so that she can start going out again.

01-27-15_7-13 PM

She gave birth to twins. Denise and Destinee.

01-27-15_7-19 PM

Soon after the twins were born she started dating Johnny Zest. She doubted that he had much money, but for the time he was what she needed.

01-27-15_11-16 PM

Destinee Black-Kim

01-28-15_12-00 AM

Denise Black-Kim

01-28-15_12-05 AM

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