Asylum Challenge Part 01

I’ve played this challenge in Sims 2 and Sims 3 and loved it so now it’s time to test it out in Sims 4! I am following the Asylum Challenge Rules from

My main player was taken from the gallery: Kennedy by Warprincess_Ali

I renamed her Annabel. She’s Creative, Muser, Slob and Insane. Her aspiration is to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-4

Glenn is Insane, Gloomy, Clumsy, Quick Learner.

01-14-15_11-37 PM-2

I got Mr. Bean from the gallery by TheRyanAkers. Mr. Bean is Insane, Childish, Goofball, Dastardly.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-2

Layla is Insane, Self-Assured, Romantic, Alluring.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-5

Colten is Insane, Self-Assured, Romantic, Dastardly.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-7

Jayden is Insane, Neat, Active and High Metabolism.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-8

Sydney is Insane, Glutton, Hot-Headed, Essence of Flavor.

01-14-15_11-38 PM-9

Brielle is Insane, Childish, Loner and a Collector.

01-14-15_11-39 PM

I downloaded St. Vincent’s Asylum by Jennifer_V from the gallery.

01-15-15_7-34 PM

The inside of the Asylum. I made a small extension to the left because the 5 skills that I could add didn't fit properly. And I also deleted a chair to get down to 7.

01-15-15_7-34 PM-2


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