My Legacy Chapter 02

Gaston (left) and Gabriel (right) as Teenagers.

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Gabriel wants to be a stand up comedian and practices a lot with his family.

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Sometimes he does gigs at the Lounge.

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Gabriel dated a few girls, but the only one that he hit it of with was Lliana Titus. She’s Self Assured, Bookworm, and a Geek.

12-29-14_8-04 PM

Gaston has been dating Lena Bustamante for a while as well and asked her to marry him.

12-30-14_7-24 PM

Gabriel and Lliana got married. (I wanted to make a double wedding but I didn’t know how to. So let’s pretend they did. lol)

12-30-14_8-04 PM

They got married at the Lounge. (Everyone was ordering drinks at once and the bartender didn’t even make one drink, he just kept chatting with them.)

12-30-14_8-12 PM

Lliana went in the business career and is now pregnant. Nikita is still working hard but has never been promoted. She’s still a dishwasher!

12-30-14_9-48 PM

Lena came to visit and she’s also pregnant! (I had made Gaston and Lena try for baby before moving them out together in their own house across the street.)

12-30-14_9-50 PM

Gael reached the end of his career and he’s a Development Captain and he’s a Computer Whiz and Webmaster and still working in his senior years. Nikita got discouraged only being promoted once so she retired.

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Lliana is in her 3rd trimester and could go in labour any day but she’s still working.

01-03-15_7-10 PM

OMG! She delivered triplets! Two boys and a girl. Axel, Agustin and Anna. (I have no mods nor custom content in the game yet and I didn’t use any cheats. It seems The Sims 4 is known to give us multiple births!)

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