Asylum Challenge Part 02

Annabel figured she’d cook a salad for everyone to make sure no one caused a fire, but some of them started cooking themselves!

01-15-15_7-53 PM

Stand back everyone – Mr. Bean is cooking up a storm!

01-15-15_8-06 PM

I didn’t edit Mr. Bean and when I saw that he sleeps with those socks I giggled. The creator TheRyanAkers did a great job creating him.

01-15-15_11-56 PM

Mr. Bean is hiding under water in the bathtub as Colten fixes the toilet.

01-16-15_12-05 AM

Glen taking a bath in his clothes in the filthy and broken bathroom.

01-16-15_12-09 AM

The bathroom is constantly breaking down so team work is a great help.

01-16-15_12-10 AM

Annabel has to fix everything as they break down because they can’t afford to replace them.

01-16-15_12-12 AM

Glen managed to catch himself on fire while cooking macaroni.

01-16-15_12-17 AM

Sydney is the one that extinguished the fire so she has reasons to be proud of herself.

01-16-15_12-31 AM

But not everyone is happy. Actually no one is happy. They are either angry, humiliated, bored, and anything negative.

01-16-15_12-32 AM


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