My Legacy Chapter 01

I decided to do a Legacy while learning the Sims 4, so don’t expect to come here to read a well written Sims Story.

So this is the Sim I choose. I downloaded her from the Sims 4 Gallery but I don’t remember who made her. I just tweaked her a little bit.

Nikita Keller: Good, Family Oriented, Cheerful, Domestic.

12-26-14_11-56 AM

Nikita wants to meet a guy so she can get married and start a family.

12-26-14_1-10 PM

She started having a crush with a guy named Don Lothario, but soon realized he was a player and moved on.

12-26-14_1-34 PM

It was at the Gym that she met Gael Frye and they hit it off right away.

12-26-14_1-36 PM-2

They started dating right away and fell in love. Gael is: Slob, Geek, Quick Learner, Outgoing.

12-26-14_2-01 PM-2 

They got married at the Park. (I hired someone for the cooking and the drinks, not knowing that I had to buy a bar etc. I kept looking in the buy mode for a cake. I guess I had to cook one first? Weddings are different than the other Sims, I’ll have to learn more on that.)

12-26-14_11-47 PM

Nikita loves to cook so she decided to join that career while Gael joined the Computer one. Gael loves to try her new dishes.

12-27-14_9-22 AM

She soon got pregnant and her belly was huge. (I love how they can wear any clothes while they are pregnant!)

12-27-14_11-26 AM

She delivered Twin Boys. Gaston and Gabriel. (When she started to be in labour, I clicked on go to Hospital. When she came back both babies appeared in the bedroom with their own basinets like in the Sims 1)

12-27-14_11-35 AM

Gabriel (left) is more Cheerful and a Goofball, while Gaston (right) is a Geek and Loves to Read, but they always get along.

12-27-14_4-40 PM

Their house is very simple and cheap while they are struggling to make money. But they are very happy. (I found it hard for the twins to make friends so I grabbed one from the street who was walking by and he became their friends.)

12-28-14_5-31 PM 

Here is their house. I had to add an extension in the back for the twin’s bedroom.

12-28-14_1-10 PM

And here is the inside of their house. It’s pretty awful, but they can’t afford to renovate anytime soon.

12-28-14_1-11 PM-2

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