The Black Widow Challenge Part 01

I’m sure there are many sites and forums that has The Black Widow Challenge Rules.  The only rules I am following is to marry a Townie and murder him. (Having a baby is optional). And to follow that rule until I am bored or that she is filthy rich. I had liked playing this challenge on the Sims 2, here is my Sims 2 Black Widow Challenge.

Desiree Black. She’s Evil, Flirty, …

01-18-15_11-32 PM-2

Desiree traveling at the park to meet people, especially men. This one was kind of nice, but he was married and she didn’t think he had much money.

01-19-15_6-09 PM

And then she saw this scrawny little old man walking towards her. She heard someone at the park mentioning that he was rich, so that got her attention.

01-19-15_6-15 PM

She used her charm on Denis Kim and showed great care and concern.

01-19-15_6-18 PM

He was soon smitten by her and she had him wrapped around her “evil” finger.

01-19-15_7-03 PM

She couldn’t believe her luck when she got to see the house he lived in. It was quite the mansion. So when he proposed marriage she accepted.

01-19-15_7-11 PM

The downside was that his daughter Alice Spencer-Kim, son in law Eric Lewis, grand daughter Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis and his son in law’s mother all lived with him! No one was happy that he was marrying such a young woman, especially his son in law’s mother Vivian Lewis.

01-19-15_7-16 PM

They had a small ceremony because Denis was so frail and not feeling good, but that didn’t stop her from having sex with him.

01-19-15_7-08 PM

That night he passed away of over exertion after a few Woohoo.

01-19-15_7-26 PM

She was ecstatic to wake up and find herself a widow and living in this mansion!

01-19-15_7-28 PM-2

It was hard to keep a serious face when she called for an ambulance.

01-19-15_7-30 PM

Soon afterwards she found out she was pregnant!

01-19-15_7-29 PM

Although Denis’ family didn’t really like her presence, there was no way that they could make her leave the house. She was going to have Denis’ baby!

01-19-15_8-12 PM

She couldn’t believe how easy it all was to be where she was now.

01-19-15_8-10 PM

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